York Vision Says: Maggots, 3rd years, sex & NUS

I do not want maggots in my veg! 

At the prices that Nisa charge, I’d be expecting to find Fool’s Gold in my broccoli instead of MAGGOTS and other insect life.
I suppose it’s a poor man’s puppy lounge but it’s hardly an incentive to have your meat and two veg of an evening

Third years are cray cray: 

Third years this time have been absolutely mad, planning ‘fascist’ book burnings, sordid floatillas (they definitely don’t float my boat, have any of you seen the state of the lake?)
They seem to regret not going all out in the rest of their uni career, instead trying to be employable or getting really involved in societies.
It’s all very well having a bit of fun but they have to remember the consequences of their actions, it is very probably against Uni rules to go on a dingy on the lake and will probably upset the geese if not Greg Dyke. Also, one night stands lose their novelty as you reach a certain age.

Students and their sordid sex lives 

What a ridiculous idea to catch chlamydia and Tweet about it just before you enter the job market!
You had first year to go mad in Willow, knuckle down and apply for that job you always wanted instead of getting some sort of grass friction burn and thrush in the Quiet Place.

The NUS debate is such lolz

Look, we get it – the NUS help us make money. Kind of.
The truth is, the referendum debate, whilst held at an awkward time for students – has become wildly out of control on both sides of the coin. Whilst you may think the majority of student want to remain in the NUS, you’d be right. But it’s only for the discounts…