York Tories event branded ‘insensitive’

snn0702a-682__1139239aThe York Conservative and Unionist Association are facing fresh controversy this evening after the mother of Megan Roberts described its Hagueathon event as “insensitive”.

Speaking to the BBC, Jackie Roberts said she found the event “frustrating” at a time when she has just lost her daughter.

York St John fine arts undergraduate Megan Roberts, 20, died in January following a night out in Popworld. Her body was discovered in March along the River Ouse and police say drinking had been a factor in her death.

Named after Foreign Secretary William Hague, the Hagueathon takes place on 3 May and invites students to drink as many as 14 pints of beer.

The event, which follows the deaths of three students in the local area in the last three months, has been criticised in the past for promoting binge-drinking despite organisers insisting it is not compulsory.

Labour MP Graheme Morris said in 2013 that it was a “bad example” towards the current drinking problems that the country faces.

But the York Tories insist it is a social event and no incidents have happened in the past.

A spokesperson for the University said: “Our students are adults and the overwhelming majority are aware of the dangers of consuming excess alcohol, particularly in light of recent events in York.”

3 thoughts on “York Tories event branded ‘insensitive’

  1. Why would anyone bother someone who should be allowed to grieve in peace about something so irrelevant and futile. This is a society Megan wasn’t a part of at a University she didn’t attend. There are dangers when people drink too much yes, but that isn’t really the reason you are complaining about this social, I imagine it is much more political. After all I am sure at Vision socials you all drink plenty of alcohol without contacting and bothering a grieving mother for her opinion on it.

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