York student’s film to be shown on American TV

Spectator screengra2

A University of York student is set to have his latest film, The Spectator, screened on American television later this year.

The Spectator follows the story of a domestic murder, and how it comes to link two young men, one who ‘participates’ in life, and one who finds he can only ‘spectate’ and watch other people from afar.

The short thriller premiered in London late last year and has also been entered into film festivals across the world.

Director Jack Spring, studying Film and TV Production at York, said: “It’s been such an amazing project to direct. The amount of people on the credit list says it all, the help we’ve had has been unreal.

“It’s been the largest project in terms of budget, scenes, cast and crew so putting it together has been a real challenge.

“It’s not perfect, it was never going to be, but it’s certainly something different.”

The eight-minute film is freely available to watch on Blue Light Media’s YouTube channel, Spring’s film production company.

The film will appear on Channel 16, based in the US State of Michigan and will not be the first of Spring’s ventures to appear there either, with his last big film, Run, set to screen later this year as part of Michigan’s Novella Showcase 2015.

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