York Sport Union set for rainbow laces campaign

darts laces

The York Sport Union is showing its support for the LGBT community and LGBT people in sport by holding a York Sport vs. Homophobia Day on Wednesday.

With February being LGBT History Month, the Union are taking the opportunity to address the issue of homophobia in sport, and are encouraging as many sports teams as possible to wear rainbow laces during their matches.

The campaign has already received widespread support, with Well-being and Development Officer on the York Sport committee Anna Cook having sold all one hundred pairs on sale on Thursday and Friday. The laces also made an appearance at the College Varsity Darts Qualifiers on Sunday.

York Sport President Cass Brown is understandably delighted with the campaign’s success: “We were keen to show our support for LGBT history month this February and so the rainbow lace campaign was born.”

“I’m thrilled by the popularity of the campaign; as well as showing solidarity with the LGBT community it demonstrates our members’ desire for a welcoming and inclusive sports union.”

Cook will be selling the laces at Vanbrugh stalls again for £1.50 at a time and date which is to be confirmed on the York Sport Facebook page.