York Labour students to rally against Nick Clegg


York Labour students will be travelling to Sheffield next month in an effort to oust Nick Clegg from his parliamentary seat.

They are supporting Labour candidate Oliver Coppard in his efforts to seize the Sheffield Hallam seat from the Deputy Prime Minister in May’s General Election.

Students from several Universities will be taking to the streets of Sheffield on March 7 for a day of campaigning.

University of York Labour Club Chair George Norman told York Vision: “We’ve been asked by our fellow Labour club and friends down in Sheffield to come and help them out for a day.

“We’ve got a fantastic local candidate in Oliver Coppard, and we’re keen to give him all the help we can.”

Policy and Campaigns Officer Thomas Ron said: “Our friends in Sheffield have invited us to join them for campaigning, and since they have been great and campaign in Elmet with us (with LYTU) we thought we would return the favour.”

UYLC Secretary Allie Nawrat added: “As a proud member of a campaigning club, I’m really excited to go out, meet, and campaign for as many parliamentary candidates as possible.”

One thought on “York Labour students to rally against Nick Clegg

  1. Why on Earth is this news? The York Lib Dems have in particular have been bouncing across the country over the past few months to campaign in various Lib Dem seats, and that’s not picked up a gushing report like this. Likewise for the York Tories. Do we need a Vision report every time a political society so much as lifts a finger?

    Partisan twaddle. Get your act together, editors!

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