York Cocoa House: A New Sweet Home

Chocolate cravings? York Cocoa House on Blake Street near Ask Italian is your new go-to. The café describes itself on the website as “a home for true chocolate lovers” and that’s what it certainly is. The chocolate-themed menu includes breakfast, afternoon tea, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, and desserts.

Winner of the Visit York 2013/2014 Cafe and Tea Room of the year

First things first; the hot chocolate. Many hot chocolates on the menu are made with solid chocolate and not powder – you will be reluctant to go back to cocoa powder once you’ve tried it! With flavours ranging from classic milk, white and dark chocolate, to chocolate orange and chilli, you can try a different one each time you go. Or, if you’re like me, you can enjoy the same flavour every time you visit. A chocolate on the end of your teaspoon is also included for that extra chocolatey kick. For tea and coffee lovers there is also plenty of choice – but I can’t recommend the hot chocolate enough!

The highlight of any visit to York Cocoa House is, of course, the desserts. With cakes ranging from Kit Kat cake to chocolate orange cake, various chocolatey tortes, chocolate fondue, slices of chocolatey goodness, ice cream… the list is endless. And all are delicious. The café itself is charming, with different sized wooden tables and chairs and a shelf of chocolate themed books in one corner. A counter hosting the display of desserts takes centre stage, with the menu displayed behind it. As well as being a café, York Cocoa House is also the place to go for chocolate parties, chocolate making, and chocolate tasting. You can also buy beautiful handmade chocolates in the shop, which is ideally placed as you enter and leave the café. Make visiting York Cocoa House high on your Things To Do At Uni list, but don’t take up all the tables… (I want to go too!)