YES/NO: Is there a point to College Varsity?

YES by Lorenzo Wong Vs. NO by Jonny Long

LW: The collegiate system here at York is what makes the sporting experience at the university rather unique. The rivalries that are nurtured make for fantastic entertainment as a player, fan, and struggling reporter. Admittedly, these rivalries are lost when college sports teams pit their wits against the likes of St Hild and St Bede. But what you get in return is an opportunity for players to represent their universities for a weekend rather than their colleges, surely an enticing opportunity for all. More importantly, it allows us to assess the standard of college sport at York when up against the university which had the cheek to reject me (b*stards).
JL: Yes, to represent your university for a weekend is great, especially as it comes without the pressure of eternally wearing your black-and-gold ‘stash’ around campus. However, with respect to competition between universities, the fact that York will host the fast-approaching Roses competition against Lancaster is a far more tantalising prospect. This was displayed through the apathetic Varsity Qualifiers weekend a fortnight ago, with some clubs fielding weakened teams in what I can only understand as an attempt to spare themselves from an overpriced coach ride and contest against a bunch of Jack Wills mannequins who have been dipped into a vat of VO5.
LW: There’s no denying that Roses is what we’re all getting giddy about, but just like Queens before Wimbledon, or an inevitable England friendly against Ecuador before a World Cup, Varsity provides us with a healthy warm-up for what’s to come. Whether strongest teams were always fielded is debatable, but it certainly hasn’t resulted in weakened teams progressing. The £10 coach trip guarantees students a great time in a lovely city…besides, I hear a lot of them prefer L’Oréal.
JL: And just like an England friendly against Ecuador, no one will be there to watch! With Durham finishing 2nd in BUCS and York 36 places below, it’s a big ask for the travelling contingent from York. Especially when after the day’s sporting endeavour, the evening’s activities could possibly entail an evening at ‘Klute’, allegedly the worst nightclub in Europe.
LW: Big asks make for big upsets, and sport thrives on them. Seeing the colleges group together and find a bit of Bradford City belief would make for a cracking day out all round. But regardless of the outcome, Jonny will be wrecking the dance floor in Klute come Sunday night…let’s hope he won’t be live blogging until then.
JL: The live blog may indeed salvage the day depending on the sporting results… I jest. I am sure that all colleges will represent their university with pride and the competition will be fierce. Maybe we should set up a liveblog competition, we can be seeded first and take on…the Palatinate (thanks Google), and Nouse can get to grips with the Durham Tab, somewhat of a culture clash but an equally intriguing match-up nonetheless. As for my dance moves, Durham would be in for an experience that they are unlikely to forget…
LW: Perhaps the moves will even lead to a place on the York ballroom dancing team for Roses…have I mentioned my analogy involving Queens and Wimbledon?
JL: Then once my Derwent football 4ths career comes to an end, I can do what all ex-’athletes’ do, and team up with Strictly Come Dancing’s Flavia and take Saturday nights on BBC One by storm! I’ll try and get you a ticket!

One thought on “YES/NO: Is there a point to College Varsity?

  1. College sportspeople engage in college over (or in addition to) uni for a whole host of reasons.
    We’re not necessarily shit or uncommitted or unsociable.
    Essentially we’re not wet farts and we love the challenge that Varsity provides.
    It’s also a time where we can actually support another college without the fear of banishment for treason.

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