Willow set to close?

Fans of sticky floors, cheap Sambuca and 2am desperation may be left heartbroken later this month as it appears that Willow is closing down.

Rumours have been flying over the weekend that Willow will be closing its doors for the final time on Sunday the 26th of July.

Student Activities Officer Chris Wall posted on Facebook “Hearing serious things about Willow closing. Be prepared York…”

An unofficial Willow Facebook page has also posted about the closure, citing “reliable source within the venue.”

One of their posts has attracted over 350 comments, with most lamenting the closure of York’s finest venue.

However, this is not the first time rumours of Willow closing have circulated.

Also, the City of York Council told Vision that they are not yet aware of any upcoming closure, so we can remain hopeful that this is an elaborate hoax and the next batch of freshers will have the opportunity to fall down those hallowed steps.

Vision has attempted to contact Willow owner Tommy Fong for comment.

Naturally, a Hitler reacts video is already in existence. (Credit: Ali Woods)

UPDATE: Check out our liveblog and review of Willow’s final night here.

(Disclaimer: Highly emotional content.)