Willow evacuated following fire

Photo credit: Joonsoo Yi
Photo credit: Joonsoo Yi

Students were told to leave The Willow Restaurant in the early hours of this morning after a sign caught fire on a neighbouring shop.

Partygoers were alerted to the incident as fire crews were drafted in to tackle the blaze at the Phones 4u Shop on Coney Street shortly after 4am when smoke was seen coming from the store’s sign.

One student who attended told Vision: “I was caught unaware when we were told to evacuate Willow.”

“Then I saw the firetruck and people forming hurdles around the scene outside. I was bemused more than anything after a frantic night at the dancefloor.”

The fire caused damage to the shop’s wood beams, but the building does remain open for business.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said an investigation into the matter was underway as the cause of the incident was unknown.

It added that it would be going to the scene today to assess the damage and believed that the fire may have been smoldering for some time.

5 thoughts on “Willow evacuated following fire

  1. “formed hurdles”? The first thing I do in case of emergency is usually form an impromptu human athletics track to be fair.

  2. Shame – had it actually been Willow that was smouldering, we could have had a “Disco Inferno”.

    In real life, not a laughing matter. But as a headline, particularly regarding Willow, quite amusing.

    Also, any truth to the rumours that the DJ in Willow had been playing either “Firestarter” by Prodigy, or “Danger!High Voltage” by Electric Six prior to the incident?

  3. Hey, I’m a recrutier for the Gaurdian and your journalism is definitely the kind of stuff we’re lookign for.

    Keep this up and yuor sure to go far!

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