What could have been…


Elaine twerks at her office Chrismas party and her colleagues lose respect for her. Kramer and Newman watch Breaking Bad and try to cook crystal meth. A Jerry Seinfeld parody account gets more followers than Jerry’s actual Twitter accout. George knows his girlfriend has dumped him via a Facebook message, but he refuses to open the message so she doesn’t know he’s ‘seen’ it. “If I haven’t seen the message, then we’re still together!”

Sex and the City

Samantha is having Snapchat sex with ‘BigDick17’, but he turns out to be 18 years old. Miranda gets Netflix. Carrie starts a blog but attracts a troll. She tries to figure out which of her ex-boyfriends it is, but in the end trolling teaches her a valuable lesson about life and love. The episode ends with her looking out of her window, smoking an e-cigarette. “And then I got to thinking- aren’t we all our own greatest trolls?”


Ross gets Snapchat, but he takes it too far by sending Rachel a ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’ Snap. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler get an Xbox, and, once they have discovered voice command, decide that there is no need to leave their leather chairs for the rest of the episode. Monica and Rachel have a competition to see who can gain the most followers on Twitter. Monica turns it into a bet, loses, and has to give Phoebe her car.