Voice of Vision – Issue 226

Vision says…

It seems as though Langwith C Block has been placed under some kind of curse. Its residents have had such poor luck in recent years that the current residents may well be thankful that they have only had to deal with theft.

Back in March of last year Vision reported on ‘The Midnight Scrawler’, the mystery student who left flatmates terrorised by crudely written, very personal death threats on walls, lockers, lights and mirrors around the block.

On that occasion C Block residents were forced to sleep on their friends’ floors such were the seriousness of the threats, and this year, following a thankfully far less frightening issue, students are being advised to keep their doors locked and report any suspicious behaviour after a recent spate of thefts.

The worrying thing about both of these incidents is the overwhelming possibility that they have come from the inside, meaning that last year’s Langwith residents were most probably living with the very same person who was scrawling death threats on their lockers, whilst this year there is a good chance that they reside on the same floor as someone who is harbouring a stash of their laptops and mobile phones in a secret cubby hole under their bed.

All we here at Vision can say is be careful and make sure you keep your doors locked.

Thumbs up to…

The proposed changes to the University’s nightlife scene, including a brand name for YUSU run nights.

Whilst York’s nightlife has its quirks, it is fun in more of a cute way – it doesn’t quite pack the sort of punch that students at Leeds and Newcastle will experience on a nightly basis.

Whilst these changes will not suddenly launch York’s party scene to the sort of levels seen in these larger cities, adding a brand to the club nights would generate some more hype over official student club nights and perhaps begin to eradicate the necessity for those well known ‘straight-to-Willow’ nights, as fun as they may sometimes be.

The plans, heavily backed by YUSU President-elect Kallum Taylor, also express a desire for a week of festivities for the Universiy’s big 5-0. We at Vision think that this is the perfect excuse for a party – York’s very own jubilee, just with a few less boats.

Thumbs down to…

The University’s poor efforts in making itself a ‘greener’ institution.

York placed 126th out of 145 universities in this year’s People and Planet green league, scoring just 25 green points out of an available 70.

This means that we have actually slipped down the table and out carbon emissions have increased since 2005.
With such a heavy influence placed upon environmental ethics and the importance of large institutions such as universities doing their bit to help, York’s slide down the table is unforgivable.

Let’s put this in the most brutal manner possible: by not addressing problems with their environmental policies York University is contributing to the deaths of cute, innocent polar bears.

For a campus that is recognisable by its expanses of green and infestation of wildlife, indeed wildlife that seems at times to have more rights than the students, this shocking result is just downright embarrassing. It’s time to sort it.