Vision’s Fantasy TV Shows


A soap opera following the eventful lives of the inhabitants of Phillip Brockbank Court in Langwith College, in the first episode the Phillip Brockbank residents are shocked and perturbed when they discover somebody other than them in the Glasshouse, and a ruckus breaks out after someone takes a phone call outside one of the blocks at 8pm, waking up half the college.

YO10 5DD

There’s new drama, but it’s the same infamous postcode of original 1990s series Heslington: YO10 5DD. Join southerners out of water Beth and Tommy as they travel to the frozen tundra of the north and have to get to grips with the language barrier and multitude of medieval attractions on offer. There’s unforgettable drama ahead with a stolen essay, late post, an unfortunate accident while trying to feed ducks and the explosive ghost tour around the city in the series finale. North Yorkshire has never been more dramatic!

LBR: JB Morrell

It’s a hard life as part of Library Book Recovery, but Commander James Iron does his damned hardest to bring late book returners to justice and see that their fees are paid. With dozens of books lost daily in the library, it’s up to Iron and his team to track them down and return them within 3 hours or fail the library’s stringent recovery record.

York’s Real Hustle

Student advice show following the York Real Hustle team as they teach you the real life trick’s behind being an undergraduate at British University including; how to get away with not paying for a TV license and the secret of successfully smuggling a hip flask full of co-op own brand vodka into Willow.