University’s science ‘outreach centre’ to be unveiled

chemistry deptYork’s science outreach centre will officially be unveiled on May 14th in an effort to boost scientific interest among the wider community.

The University’s latest facility, known as YSOC, is located in Heslington West’s Chemistry Department, and contains state of the art, high-capacity laboratory spaces, as well as analysis labs and preparation rooms.

YSOC will also be available for use by local primary and secondary schools, as well as members of the public.

The management team, chaired by Professor Sir John Holman, hope that the new facilities will allow York’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics departments to flourish and display the fruits of their research.

Jane Grenville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at York, said:

“Our founding Vice-Chancellor, Lord James, used to say ‘Send me your brightest and your best’.

“We still aspire to that, but those students do not all have the same chances.

“The facility aims to level the playing field by encouraging those students who belong to the category of ‘most able, less likely’ to get the lab experience and the qualifications they need to go on to top flight universities such as York.”

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