University: What to Bring

So it has finally dawned on you that in a few weeks’ time you will finally be living on your own. You’re now completely independent, and after years of being provided for, packing eighteen years into a few bags and boxes can be difficult. The worst thing is, you can often forget those essentials. That’s where I come in. I (the least qualified individual to help you decide what to bring) am going to tell you what to bring – and what can be left.

It’s worth mentioning that when I first arrived at university, I was full of hope. Clothes in one hand, bread-maker in the other, I thought this is all I needed. That’s right; I brought three items with me: A plate, a spoon, and a bread-maker. None of which I have ever used. If Samuel Taylor Coleridge taught me one thing, it is indeed that ‘life is thorny and youth is vain’.

1. Cutlery
If you’re not in catered halls I suggest the full kit. Knife, fork, spoon, plate. What else is there? Bowl, maybe. A pan, although I can guarantee there will be someone else with one, so don’t clog up the car with it – plus there are always pans selling on the swap shop. If you’re catered, don’t bother with any of this. You only eat on a weekend any way and I wouldn’t even consider cereal out of the box a real diet.
2. Toilet roll
This only really applies for people in en-suites. They don’t provide it for you! Definitely bring a few rolls, because otherwise you’re not going to be shaking hands with many people. On the contrary, you could befriend someone who doesn’t have an en-suite and steal their free toilet roll (although it’s paper thin and, again, you might not be shaking hands with many people as a result).
3. Toothbrush
Also, toothpaste – and maybe mouthwash but only if you want to make some weird cocktails.
4. Hairbrush
Guy or girl, this is essential. If you’re late for a lecture and don’t have time for a shower, giving your hair a quick comb over can give the illusion of cleanliness. Make sure you shower though. Also, shower gel.
5. Printer
Now, this truly is debatable. You could bring one, and it’s quite heavy and cumbersome to bring. There will undoubtedly be someone that has one on your floor, and if not there’s one at the library. I don’t think I have ever used mine, quite honestly. There is always one for sale on the swap shop, too, which means no one else is using theirs either. Obviously, you need a computing device to go along with this, but I thought that was a given.
6. Bedding
When you arrive to your camping bed, be it under a façade of wood, or simply – as is the case in Derwent – a horrible army-looking bed in the middle of a poorly decorated room from the ‘60s, you’re going to need something to put on top of it. This will make it look mildly appealing to sleep on. I suggest a mattress protector, and then the usual stuff. Maybe consider bring a double bed set, too, for your house next year. I’ve been sleeping on a single sheet in a double bed for three months and it IS HORRIBLE.

7. Stationary

Obviously you’re going to need to write with and on something. I suggest getting this whilst all the deals are on (and whilst your parents/guardians are buying it). There’s loads of cheap stuff about. You can go for the fancy moleskin stuff if you want, but no-one is really bothered.
8. Fifa
It’s an absolute imperative.
9. Alcohol
This one isn’t for everyone, admittedly. It’s expensive, unless you drink Lambrini because you’re on a truly big night in.
10. Camera
Because how else are you going to show everyone just how much of a good time you’re having?