University unveils Constantine College logo

1536440_440428316088822_820667690_nThis is the new logo for Constantine College that will open on Heslington East this September.

It shows a purple letter ‘C’ wrapped around the head of former Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Jane Grenville told journalists at a press conference: “Here is somebody who actually through a personal choice changed the course of western history.

“And there he is, that is our Constantine logo, the head of Constantine in the colours of Constantine.”

But what do you think of it?

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17 thoughts on “University unveils Constantine College logo

  1. I get the whole Constantine being purple because that was the colour of Roman Emperor’s garments etc. But speaking as a Vanbrugh student, I’d like to remind the University that we already have two purple colleges. Do you not think three might be taking the biscuit just a tad?

    Also, that logo is bloody awful.

  2. Nowhere near pretentious enough. It’s a nice logo but looks like it was drawn by a relatively competent A level graphic design student for his Young Enterprise business.

  3. Constantine did not have a beard. He is depicted with a beard in Eastern Orthodox iconography, but in reality, he never had a beard.

  4. Yeah, this is quite embarrassing really. Not only was Constantine pretty much unassociated with York (He probably only came here once) but this image isn’t actually of him. Obviously it’s hard to tell what most emperors actually looked like, but there’s quite a few statues, busts and coins of Constantine, and none of them show him like this. I did wonder how exactly the designer had come up with this really; it seems like they’ve just got a picture of Hadrian and drawn it badly. It doesn’t even look like the pretty awful Victorian statue of him next to the minster…

  5. Oh, no, I stand corrected… There’s a picture on page 49 of an 1808 edition of ‘The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’, which looks suspiciously similar. Because, you know, the Georgians knew far more about what the Roman emperors looked like than actual primary sources.

  6. It is inappropriate to name a college after a military dictator. Historians at York advocate a nuanced, balanced view of the past. This characterization of Constantine should have no place here.

  7. Not only is it the wrong Emperor, it’s supposed to be of one who essentially had nothing to do with York. He introduced Christianity as the default religion of the Roman Empire, but York kinda has to share that with all of the Mediterranean, the rest of Roman Britain, the Balkans, Switzerland, Austria, Macedonia, France, half of Germany, Turkey and a good chunk of the Middle East, etc. so it’s hardly a unique link.

    Plus the logo itself looks utterly crap. Wish they’d paid me whatever ridiculous sum they paid for that to do it. I’m a fourth year chemist with almost no artistic ability and I reckon I could make a better effort with crayons, let alone Paint, than this half-arsed pretentious rubbish.

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