Union slammed for snubbing Guy Fawkes Night

The Student’ Union has been slammed for failing to put on any displays for Bonfire Night.

Undergraduates blasted the decision by union officials not to put on any fireworks on November 5.

Some were expecting a show after last year’s 50th anniversary event attracted large numbers of spectators who were both students and members of the public.

Peter Mills, a second year engineering student, who was planning to attend the campus display until he found out that it didn’t exist, said he felt “bitterly disappointed.”

Liv Parrington, a first year law student, added that she was “utterly confused” about what was going on.

She told York Vision: “We thought that there would be something on campus but found out there wouldn’t be so looked into going to see them somewhere else, and the tickets were either really expensive or it was too far away.”

“The only thing I noticed was that one of the college tutors posted something on our courts Facebook group on Bonfire Night.”

Sam Maguire, the YUSU President, said: “The event last year was amazing but that was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University and they did not wish to repeat the event this year.”

“We would really like to work with the university on a Bonfire Night event for next year as it is clearly something that students would like to see and is an event that not only services the student population but also the wider community of York.”

A university spokesman added: “We are always happy to work with YUSU on events.”

“Joint planning should ensure an enjoyable, safe and inclusive event in 2015.”

Meanwhile, library officials had to evacuate the JB Morrell and Harry Fairhurst buildings after smoke alarms detected fireworks from the surrounding areas shortly after 8pm.

An eye-witness reported that students were forced to stand on the bridge until any potential safety risk had been assessed.

“We heard the alarm and had to evacuate,” they said.

“I wasn’t sure what was going on but people were saying all sorts of things.”

“The next thing I know, we are back inside and working again.”

“It can’t have been too serious.”

A spokesperson for the university’s security team said there was “no fire” and the building was “safe to enter.”

A spokesperson for the university’s library team added that they were pleased students could re-enter the building without problems.

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