York Students in solidarity with arrested ULU President

ULU President Michael Chessum.

POLICE HAVE ARRESTED University of London Union President Michael Chessum today.

Chessum was arrested by police in connection with the demonstration yesterday against the takeover of the Union by the University administration.

The National Campaign against Fees & Cuts, of which Chessum is a leading national organizer have pleadged their full support for Chessum and ULU, and called for his immediate release.

A statement from the University of London Union said, “This is a clear attack on the right to protest. It is a transparent and shameful attempt to intimidate students from demonstrating against the actions of university management.”

When asked to comment, YUSU President Kallum Taylor told Vision it would be unfair if he did, “I don’t know anything near the full story.”

Students from York have expressed their solidarity with the ULU President.┬áSocialist Society Chair Megan Ollerhead, said “While I accept that police on the ground must follow orders from superiors, I personally think Michael Chessum’s arrest is shameful. As a left-wing campaigner, I’m always suspicious of police presence on peaceful demonstrations, and with each incident like this, I worry about my right to protest peacefully without facing arrest on very thin charges like these in an obvious attempt to scare students and other activists out of taking action. I send solidarity to Chessum, and hope that he, and others in his situation and those who potentially face it, will not be dissuaded from continuing to demonstrate and protest at the appalling attacks being faced by those in higher education in 2013.”

A protest has been organised against his arrest, which was held outside of Holborn Police Station at 4:30pm today.

4 thoughts on “York Students in solidarity with arrested ULU President

  1. The key point of section 11 of the public order act is that it is illegal to have a moving demonstration without informing the police in advance. As the ULU have the news article “Students march in defence of ULU as union calls referendum on future” on their website (13/11/13) the demonstration clearly wasn’t static. If as I suspect Chessum failed to inform the Met of the demonstration as per section 11 of the public order act, then he deserved to be arrested and also deserves a fine. If however notice was provided then the Met have a lot of explaining to do.

  2. Whilst I support the right to free protest, these protests must comply with the law of the land. Having had a look at the ULU website and Chessum’s twitter I have failed to find evidence that notice was given to the police (you would think that if they had this they would share it to show they were not in the wrong).

    Whilst some may see section 11 as a silly law, it is still a law and everyone should obey it. I will not sign a petition that condemns the police for arresting someone who has broken the law.

    Incidentally if anyone can find evidence of appropriate notice of the protest as per section 11, please share it on here. It would completely change my perspective on the situation.

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