Turn Up the Heat

If you want sun, sea and nightlife that has proven itself for decades, Ibiza is the destination for you. Lively and closer to the UK than any of the Greek resorts, it is clubbing convenience at its finest.

New kid on the block Malia makes its USP the number of high profile DJs it attracts to its mega-clubs. For a tiny Greek resort it more than
punches above its weight.

Besides the relentless cycle of clubbing, sleeping and sunbathing, Kos puts its emphasis on activities like watersports. Advisory note though – water-skiing on a hangover is not the one.

If relentless partying is going to grind you down, Zante at least offers respite from the clubbing scene with its polar opposite – sleepy traditional villages – in the north of the island. After some R&R you can then lunge back into the action on the strip.

Channel 4 may make Kavos seem like a horror story but that’s not the whole story. With the urban legends of Kavos come legendary status; and infamous cocktails make it a night you’ll never forget…unless you have too many.