Top of the Hops: York tops national universities drinking league table


York has topped a university drinking league table, with the average student downing the equivalent of 10 pints of lager a week.

Compiled by student news site, Student Beans, the survey found University of York students guzzled 19.73 units of alcohol per week.

That’s equivalent to 10 double vodka cokes or two bottles of red and a WKD.

Miles behind were Sussex students in second place with 18.20 units a week, and Aberystwyth in third with 16.90 units.

Lancaster placed tenth with a pitiful 13.32 units per week.

Responding to York’s top-ranking position, University Registrar David Duncan said: “It would be unwise to place much weight on this table.

“I have no evidence to prove or disprove it, but I suspect the drinking culture at York is similar to that on other university campuses in the UK.”

Second-year Politics student Peter Bunce said: “Despite the high cost of on campus alcohol the students of York have outdone themselves.

“I feel partly responsible as a trendsetter, transforming the tepid drinking culture at this university.”

The same survey found that 43% of students admitted to using booze to make friends at university.

It also highlighted differences in attitudes to drinking between men and women.

The survey showed that more than twice as many men would label themselves as beer drinkers as women.

It also found that 26% of male respondents drank alcohol as part of societies they were involved in, whereas only 17% of females said the same.