Top 5 Video Games to Play This Halloween


Much to our dismay, the gaming calendar doesn’t line up with that of the real world. GAME and CeX don’t smother their games in brandy and set them alight, or put a large cut-out of Sackboy with a turkey on his head in the shop window. Halloween, sadly, isn’t any different. There are, however, many games that put the ‘fear’ in ‘fear factor’ – here are our top five we’d recommend giving a go this spooky season.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – What do you get when you cross the Wild West with Halloween? Zombies, unicorns and a blunderbuss, apparently! This singleplayer DLC for the last decade’s greatest cowboy game is guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Then again, it does have unicorns.

Resident Evil – Before the absolute shamble that was Resident Evil 6, there existed a great series of nail-biting survival horror games. If you want the best taste of it, we’d highly recommend the original Resident Evil – after all, where else would you find a stereotypically creepy mansion house? Well, most horrors, really…

Infamous: Festival of Blood – When the name ‘Infamous‘ comes to mind, most gamers think of ‘that free game we got when the Playstation Network was down for a month’. I, however, think of a great spinoff story filled with Uzi-wielding vampires and a hero armed with both electricity and a thirst for blood. Only on Playstation, folks!

Dead Space – In space, no one can hear you spamming R1 as you desperately try to fend off a savage Necromorph. Take a trip with EA this Halloween as you venture onto a “deserted” mining ship in search of answers. Who knows? You might have enough testosterone left at the end of the game to want to play its two sequels.

Luigi’s Mansion – What about playing something that’s in the spirit of Halloween, yet doesn’t require you to hide behind your sofa? Enter Luigis Mansion – a fun mixture between classic Mario titles and Ghostbusters. Unlike our previous titles, you’ll need a Gamecube or a Wii – being a wimp has its price.

Considering how many ghostly games there are, we couldn’t name all of them in this list. So who else deserved a place in our top five? Which games made your skin crawl, and a host of other Halloween-themed clich├ęs? Let us know!