The weird and wonderful societies at York


York has the most societies per head than any other Uni in the country. This means we have a fair few weird societies too. Here are a few of the strangest ones.


Ok, kink and fetishes aren’t that weird but barely any Universities have a fetish society and also a Student Union funding fetishes and sex-based societies is quite a novel concept (unless you count the Rugby Union!). They’re a very friendly and approachable bunch and their main focus is around safety and consent. They also love a good tea party. A couple of people from York Vision ended up going down to a ropes workshop last year where they teach you how to tie each other up safely and properly, and they loved it.


This society is super fun, you basically pretend to be a zombie and run around campus with nerf guns shooting people. It turns a normal campus stroll into a paranoid, dystopian nightmare. I never thought I’d be into LARPing as it seemed to be the preserve of quiet, twitchy Physics students, but you know what? I joined HazSoc last year and made friends with the most interesting people, and I don’t even care that someone I fancied saw me running around campus holding a nerf gun, with a bandanna tied around my head that said ‘Zombie’.


I have to be careful with this one, I made fun of Dougsoc in an article last year and I think they still have a price on my head. I don’t actually know what they do despite having researched it extensively. They are known as the Douglas Adams society but they aren’t allowed to ever talk about the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, or indeed anything Douglas Adams related. They put up nonsensical signs around YUSU elections and hit each other with inflatables.

Medieval Soc

OK this society is actually really cool. If you see people walking around campus in chainmail holding swords, it’ll be this kooky bunch. They invitedĀ VisionĀ to this Summer bonanza they held, but our reporter said he would only go if there was jousting. Unfortunately, that was against YUSU health and safety standards.

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  1. Canterbry christ church has it’s own competitive jousting society. Only YUSU could find a health and safety reason to prevent an activity undertaken elsewhere

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