The Ultimate York Bar-hopping Route

WARNING: contains hard-core ethanol.

Are you in the mood for a Barack Obama? Could some Latino beats lift your spirits? Have you been scavenging for a specific cocktail around York, only to discover that it’s the place where alcohol loses its dignity? If not, do you simply want to get drunk? If you answered yes to any of these questions keep going.


Welcome to the Mediterranean Willow! If you are not drunk yet, preferably buy another jar and move your body to the Latino Beats.

bora bora

2. Sotano

You don’t find Sotano. Sotano finds you, while you are dully walking around the alleys of York and welcomes you to the great world of chilling. An underground, small cave, illuminated with soft light, wooden walls and black leather sofas seems to be an oasis for the desperately romantics, the stressful, the alternative and mostly the ‘chilled’. Deep house, some live music once in a while, and spicy, juicy and quite strong cocktails come to give you a night of ‘a break from life’.



3.The House of Trembling Madness

Looking like a haunted chamber or a house taken out of medieval history decorated with many ‘deer’ heads, this pub promises a trip to a mental asylum. Far from your run-of-the-mill ‘historic’ pub that intoxicates you all the way to King’s Landing, the House has an impressive menu. Their seemingly never-ending selection of drinks includes ciders, whiskey, vodka, and beer from all over the world. Perfect for a German-styled drinking bender. Plus there is food. Lots of food.



4. Dusk

If your problem is having one too many memories the next morning, then dusk will sort you out. ‘2-for-1’ cocktails are a reliable stairway to heaven. It can get quite crowded especially during the weekend, but the second floor always has plenty of space to chill with Barack Obama, Britney Spears or Fidel Castro. Don’t get too excited, we have yet to create a time machine but the inspired mixes will get you as close to the celebrities as possible. The rock ’n’ roll vibe may turn you into one, or at least make you think so.