The Ultimate Guide To York Bars: Vudu Lounge

APR3-VuduLounge-YorkPrice for a pint: It’s about £6 for two cocktails, no one drinks beer in Vudu

Location: Around Stonegate Yard

Walking Distance: Like 5 minutes from the bus stop

Vision was sponsored by Vudu last year, which meant after every issue we got a bar tab there for our social. It was amazing. It also meant we got to experience Vudu a lot.

It makes you feel like you’re in an R&B video, with sparkly walls and mirrors and a VIP lounge with a red rope and everything.

The drinks are cheap, though I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid for a drink there. Perks of being involved with the best student paper on campus, I guess.

The main appeal is the music and the dance floor, after you’ve had two Long Islands, you’ll be dancing with your mates to their fantastic R&B playlist (paying no heed to the creepy, elderly locals who lurk around the edges.)

They play mainly 90s R&B but play some modern stuff too. Don’t expect Willow cheese, they’re more refined than that. So are you, B.