The Ultimate Guide to York Bars: Society

Alcohol IIPrice: About £2 for a double!
Location: Opposite Salvo
Walking Distance: 15 Minutes

Ranking: 3/5

The spork of York nightlife, hovering in a liminal, ephemeral space between an obnoxiously loud bar and an impotent club, Society is located opposite Salvation.

The bar is not unpopular with students at all, but locals run the show on weekends.

It is easy to disregard Society as a cesspit of iniquity, and yes, some of the interior design looks like a lush, Ikea designed brothel, but it has a few things going for it.

Firstly it is a spacious venue with seating upstairs when the party gets a bit too rampant on the ground floor.

Moreover, at £1 a jaegerbomb (or some crude derivative), and reasonable prices on neon pseudospirits alike, the Rougier Street drinking den is not a place to be sniffed at.