The Ultimate Guide to York Bars: Pop World

PopworldPrice of a pint: £8 for 4 jagerbombs

Location: Just down from Mansion

Walking distance: 15 minutes from the bus stop

Rating: 2/5


Launching in the deep end of York watering holes, Pop World York is a halcyon nightmare, trapped in the cellar of a Crayola factory run by manic clowns.

The gaudy primary colours emblazoned across the bar scream “The hefty prices include a novelty gimmick tax”.

Favoured by locals more than students, it is difficult to visit Pop World without telling yourself you’re being ironic.

Nineties and noughties chart-piffle blare out of the speakers as you revolve on the inconveniently small, elevated dance-podium, in the hope that the G force will create an aneurism to bless you with sweet release.

To its credit, it is located near Salvation and Mansion, which makes it a necessary pre-drink stop off, as long as you can grit your teeth and think of England.