The Ultimate Guide to York Bars: Evil Eye

EvilEyeLoungeYorkPrice of a pint: A cocktail is £6
Location: Stonegate
Walking Distance: 15 minutes from the bus stop

Ranking: 4/5

Located on the famous Stonegate, Evil Eye is a specialist cocktail bar boasting a quirky, East Asian atmosphere that might remind you of your gap-yah with the poor orphans.

The staff are very well trained to mix a huge range of innovative and lethal concoctions, mostly invented by the house.

The shop front of the bar also sells enough strange liqueurs, from Cointreau to formaldehyde.

The bars can get very busy at times though. Cocktails can take upwards of 5 minutes to make, and it isn’t cheap, but you’re definitely not getting shafted either.

That said, Evil Eye is a retreat for the wealthy connoisseurs of campus, rather than necessary stop on the preamble to Willow glory.