Tech News Roundup – 2

Not all tech news makes the cut, kids – it’s a tech-eat-tech world out there. Fortunately, week by week, we’ll be salvaging some of those news stories and putting them all into one place, every Sunday. That’s right, we’re working on our day off for you keen tech readers – all ‘thank you’ emails welcome.

Now, for the Tech News Roundup this week:


arkham knight

Half Life 3 ‘being worked on’ – Whilst a release date and platforms are yet to be confirmed, one thing’s for sure – the critically acclaimed shooter is officially in development. After ten years of patient waiting and fake reveal trailers, get ready to come out from your caves, Half Life gamers.

Steam In-Home streaming – Valve’s new streaming service allows players to resume their gaming sessions on another device after changing from the primary PC. Steam In-Home Streaming – for those lazy and lucky enough to have more than one PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer – Forget about Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy’s back to break some jaws! In the final chapter of Rocksteady’s trilogy, Arkham Knight‘s first gameplay trailer showcases Bat at his best, a sinister array of villains in action and the Batmobile driving upside down. You may need to read that last part again.

Samsung virtual reality headset – It would seem that Samsung wants a piece of the VR pie, as the company is reportedly going to be releasing its very own set of virtual reality goggles towards the end of the year. We now have three tech giants putting their money on virtual reality – sit back and enjoy. guys, things are about to get very interesting in the virtual world of tech.



Wolfenstein – The New Order – If you ever wanted to watch a cocky, all-American hero spend his days hunting down Nazis, then we might suggest ‘Inglorious Bastards’. If you wanted to play as such a man, then B J Blazkowicz’ latest adventure will satisfy your needs. Go guns blazing as a member of the resistance in an alternate future where the Nazis won World War II on PC, last-gen and next-gen consoles, excluding Wii U.

Retron 5 – 10 retro systems in one console? Well, for $140 (we’d convert that to pounds, but we don’t want to be sued for inaccuracies), that childhood dream of yours could be a reality. With the likes of the Famicom, Genesis and NES at the Retron 5’s disposal, you might have to get dusting off your parents’ check book.

Tropico 5 – Continuing on the trend of 5s this week is the latest entry to the Tropico series, where you play as dictator El Presidente. Have you got what it takes to run your own democracy from the 19th to 21st century? Could we sound anymore like the back of a box art? Released on PC this week and ‘other consoles’ later this year.

Transistor – Developer Supergiant Games’ latest title is ‘a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites players to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they fight through a stunning futuristic city.’ Not only is the game released for PS4 and PC, but you can download the game’s entire soundtrack on Spotify. Consider it a consolation prize for the Xbox gamers.



Warhammer 40k franchise – in the delightful light of the immediate present, there are only sales. Steam are hosting a weekend sale for the bloody, futuristic franchise, with 50% off all of its Dawn of War titles, as well as the recent third-person shooter Space Marine. Did we mention it has chainsaws?

Green Man Gaming Watch Dogs deal – Digital games retailer, Green Man Gaming, have released a coupon that cuts the price of the upcoming open world game Watch Dogs, as well as its season pass, by 25%. While we don’t endorse pre-ordering, we recognize a great deal when we see one! Coupon: GMG025-MAYBHW-SOSAVE

Amazon USB sale – Amazon is slashing prices of Transcend USB’s. If you need to back up your work, now is a great time to pick up one of these handy little devices.

Humble daily bundle – The humble daily bundle is in effect, with fantastic bundles of games up for grabs with some proceedings going to charities like the American Red Cross and Child’s Play. Check it out here.

Special Mention

Picture via Game Informer
Picture via Game Informer

Americlap – With a wave of inherently stupid games being released in recent months (we’re looking at you Goat Simulator and Glorious Leader!), it’s only natural that this trend should continue. Enter Americlap, situated at the opposite end of the patriotic scale to the latter mention. You won’t need lots of money or hard drive space for this, just a pair of sweaty, clapping hands to keep the American flag up on a pole for as long as your sanity can muster. Go on, give it a download here.