Tech News Roundup – 10

Readers, get your party poppers out (ooer), because Tech News Roundup turns 10 today! That can only mean three things – it’ll be bigger, it’ll be louder and it’ll be more sarcastic than ever. Considering we’re both soon to start second year, the same can be said for us.

Now, for the Tech News Roundup this week:


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Nvidia Shield Tablet first look: When we say the word ‘shield’, that’ll probably bring to mind a secret organisation helmed by Samuel L. Jackson, not an Android-powered, handheld device. Well, Nvidia hope to make you think of them more often, thanks to a second incarnation of the Shield – this time in a groovy tablet form due later this month.

Doom “4” announced: In light of its announced beta, available in selected copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the next instalment in the granddaddy of FPSs is finally unveiled. Titled ‘Doom’ (we expect mass confusion with the original any day now), id Software‘s fourth Doom title will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with a release date yet to be revealed.

Microsoft mega cuts: After what’s been a tough year for the gaming industry, it appears things aren’t getting much better, now that it has another casualty – Microsoft. Not only has the company announced that 18,000 employees will lose their jobs, but it’s closing its services to Xbox Live Entertainment and ceasing Android development. All-in-all, a massive sting to the company – our thoughts are with those affected.

Tekken 7 announced: If Super Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS or Mortal Kombat: X weren’t enough to satisfy you warmongers out there, then this year’s Evo 2014 may have found you the cherry on that blood-stained cake of yours – Tekken 7. The latest instalment in Bandai Namco’s fighter series is using the Unreal Engine 4 to deliver next-gen looks. If it’s by Tekken‘s standards, that’ll just mean bigger boobs and increasingly-chiselled abs.



Destiny Beta: Following in the intergalactic footsteps of Mass Effect and Halo comes Destiny, an MMO FPS which is expected to have a shelf life of about ten years. Whether that hype is to be lived up to will be down to the success of its Beta, which is available in limited capacity this week. It’s available to Playstation gamers first – just to rub even more salt into Microsoft’s wound.

Google augmented reality iOS: In an attempt to destroy the stereotype that gamers sit on their arses in front of a screen all day (which is ironically how we get this done week after week), Google released Ingress last year for Android, an augmented reality game which encourages players to travel the real world in order to beat objectives in the virtual world. Now, that’s available for iOS gamers, those who probably can afford to get a plane just for the sake of completing a bloody side quest.

Elder Scrolls Online on Steam: Now, to ruin Google’s hard work and reinforce the above stereotype! Elder Scrolls Online, the MMO spinoff to the Elder Scrolls series, is now available for purchase on Steam. If you’re enough of a mug to purchase it a) before it goes free-to-play b) instead of replaying Skyrim, then we pity you like an arrow to the knee.

Raspberry Pi Mark Three: Cats, baby clothes, a collection of Wii games. It’s come to our attention that the smaller things are in life, the better. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to the Raspberry Pi, an adaptable micro computer that’s no bigger than a credit card. Now, that has its third version, equipped with more ports, a smaller design and lower power consumption.



BIGGER 2K Humble Bundle: As if it wasn’t already amazing enough, the good folks at Humble Bundle have extended their 2K Humble Bundle by five games, adding some earlier installations of the XCOM series. Pay above a fiver and you get a whopping eleven games. If that isn’t a metaphorical middle-finger to the Steam Summer Sales, we don’t know what is!

CoD PSN sale: WAHOO, YEAH, CALL OF DUTY *crushes Coke can with skull*. Prepare your skull for a mighty bashing this week, as the PSN store is hosting a massive Call of Duty sale, with some decent discounts on any title past and including Modern Warfare, as well as on the series’ DLC.

Quakecon 2014 Steam and Xbox Live sale: It wouldn’t be a major gaming event if it didn’t have an accompanying sale to run our wallets dry and deserted. This year’s Quakecon is supported by sales on Steam and Xbox Live, not to mention Green Man Gaming. Ah go on, go on, go on, go on!

Club Nintendo Elite offer: For those who actually dedicate their time to redeeming the codes in Nintendo’s products, your hours of slaving away may now be redeemed. Gold and Platinum members of Club Nintendo, if they’ve registered at least 600 coins worth of codes, can claim a free game, but must be done by August 16th.

Special Mention:


Microsoft Alice Band for the blind:

It may have been a bit of a stinger this week for big dog Microsoft, but that won’t stop Bill Gates and his legion of techies from being philanthropists. Introducing… well, it doesn’t have a name yet – but rest assured, the company is developing a product similar to an Alice Band, which is said to help blind users “see” things through the help of an earpiece and assisted information. If it takes off, it should be incredible – we only hope that the company gets back on its feet to do more generous deeds like this.

That’s it for Tech News Roundup‘s special tenth edition. Saying that, it wasn’t any different from usual, but it’s very rare that we make a fuss over something- and that’s pretty darn special.

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