Take a paws: Exam puppy lounge to open over exam period

Exam stress can turn bright days into pretty ruff ones.

So thankfully officials at the University’s Halifax College have come up with an innovative idea that can help students during a paws.

The student association is hoping that the college will become one of the few on campus to open a puppy room to help undergraduates and postgraduates de-stress during weeks 5 to 7.

The idea, which has already been adopted at other British universities including Nottingham Trent, would see a room opening to students with a chance to stroke and play with the pets.

Students have hailed it as the “best thing since the library.” One said: “That sounds awesome!”

The student association’s Sponsorship Officer Rachel Smith, who is appealing for companies to come forward to make the idea happen, said: “We’re really excited at the prospect of having some puppies in Halifax during exams to de-stress students. It looks to be a great success at Nottingham Trent and we hope to have something to announce soon!”

The Vice-President of Welfare Jessica Smith added: “The exam period is a particularly stressful time for many students and that often coincides with an increase in feelings of homesickness.

“The comfort that you can get from physical contact, specifically hugging and playing, with another living thing has been shown to help reduce this type of emotional stress, especially if that animal is a household pet that reminds you of home.”

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  1. If you don’t have the concrete proof that this is gonna happen you shouldn’t be writing about it. Just phoned Halifax regarding the situation and they have told me that they have not confirmed anything regarding a puppy sanctuary. Thanks for ruining the one thing that would have got me through these exams.

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