Taboo Television

Family Guy: ‘Partial Terms of Endearment’.

This episode hasn’t been allowed to air in the US on Fox due to its portrayal of abortion which has been deemed both inappropriate and controversial. The episode features pro life activists voicing their views on the topic, followed by Lois going ahead with an abortion. All perhaps a little too dark for Family Guy.




The Twilight Zone: ‘The Encounter’.

This episode of The Twilight Zone raised eyebrows when George Takei’s character squares off against a World War II veteran, and the two come to blows over a samurai sword. This caused controversy and was removed due to its racial content as well as the taboo of Japanese – American disloyalty during World War II.



The X-Files: ‘Home’.

‘Home’ pushes the boundaries by featuring an incestuous mother figure who is caught breeding with her sons. The X-Files is renowned for its at times shocking material, but this was a step too far for Fox who banned the episode from repetition. Surprisingly, ‘Home’ has been listed as one of the best in The X-Files series.

the x files


South Park: ‘Proper Use of a Condom’.

South Park has been slammed by parents for its ‘over the top vulgar content’ and ‘tastelessness’. ‘Proper Use of a Condom’ was badly received by many for its depiction of teaching sex education to young children. In Australia, the episode even received an MA rating due to the featured sexual content and graphic violence.

south park