Symone Thompson elected Langwith President

Image Credit: Langwith College

Symone Thompson has been elected Langwith College President 2014.

Winning on 147 votes, Thompson held off the strong competition of Lee “D Train” Cook and Louis Pegg with 122 and 55 votes respectively.

She was immensely gracious, complementing her college on its “fine community spirit”, the “good turnout”, and the “quality of the other candidates”. Thompson also spoke to Vision in depth about her wishes to implement a ‘Langwith Day’, where old students are invited back to celebrate Langwith traditions.

The importance of working with Goodricke to improve the Heslington East Campus as a whole, and of tending to the needs of its students, was also stressed. She did not forget to mention Langwith’s numerous off campus freshers, seeking to give them the best university experience and accommodation the university could provide, and to do so again next year if the university finds itself in a similar position.

Tim Monk, uncontested, was also elected to the position of Secretary and Miriam Keck gained the position of Deputy President for Student Support and Community with 137 votes.

Other notable elections included that of Margaux Codsi for International Representative with 130 votes, Hiten Kataria for LBTQ Rep with 183 votes, and Antony Chui who was elected treasurer with a victory 200 votes versus Abby Underwood’s rather low 42 votes.

Langwith’s College’s turnout was very impressive considering its size, and the relative isolation of the Heslington East campus seems to be a motivating factor for its above average college spirit, and may account for the impressive electoral turnout.

Langwith College JCRC 2014 in full:

President: Symone Thompson

Deputy-President for Student Support and Community: Miriam Keck

Ents Vice-President: Sean Gater

Activities Vice-President: Charlotte Liddell

Secretary: Tim Monk

Treasurer: Anthony Chui

Male Student Support and Wellbeing Officer: Edidiong Adegbola

Female Student Support and Wellbeing Officer: Nicola Forest

Campaigns officers: Alex Byron

Sports Officers: Millie Reed, Ruby Callister, Jack Parsonson and Tom Benney

International Officer: Margaux Codsi

LGBT Officer: Hiten Kataria

Disability and Access Officer: Calum Stewart

Off-campus Officers: Daniel Golton and Ben Gedge

Volunteering Officers: Jess Roberts and Alex Costanzo

RAG Officers: Alice Thackery and Jen Garry

Merchandise Officers: Alex Killeen

Event co-ordinators: Jolyon Brown, Oliver Henn and Kailie Cutler

Global Action Officer: Natthani (Cat) Santini

Sponsorship Officers: Rob Tailford and Tom Pickersgill

Phillip Brockbank Court Rep: Lara Demirci

Gordon and Francesca Horsfield Court Rep: Bradley Chalker