Students demand campus club is called “Asbestos”

Students are demanding that the potential campus nightclub is called “Asbestos.”Club

The petition calls on the University to “ensure that the new nightclub at Derwent is named Asbestos.”

The petition appeared on Wednesday, one day after Vision revealed University plans to convert the Derwent College squash courts into a new clubbing venue.

The creator of the petition states that they feel “that this is an important issue with regards to the University’s heritage, especially when considering Derwent’s ethos.”

The petition has currently collected 148 signatures, with a target of 200 supporters.

One thought on “Students demand campus club is called “Asbestos”

  1. I’m sorry, but this is such a cliche name for a venue in York and just screams terrible. I thought it couldn’t get any worse when ‘Kuda’ was announced…

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