Students could be breathalysed upon club entry

If you’re thinking about going out next week, you may want to think again. With new rules from the North Yorkshire Police you may not get into the club. Police are threatening to breathalyse revellers on entry to pubs and bars in an attempt to reduce drunkenness in the city centre.breathalyzer

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “Door staff will use them at their discretion if they believe that someone has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol.

“A person could be refused entry if their alcohol level is too high.”

The move has angered students. One second year Philosophy student commented: “This is ridiculous.Drunken people don’t cause damage on a night out, and frankly I’d rather that drunken people were contained in a safe environment like a bar than out being sick or urinating in the streets.

“Bar staff can and do refuse to serve those who are too inebriated and if York wants to go back to a prohibition style era then it can feel free. We will see our bars losing money and people pre drinking more.”