Students condemn student loan sell-off

STUDENT SELL OFFStudent campaigners from nearly 30 campuses across the UK campaigned against the privatisation of the Student Loans Company today (Wednesday 20th November).

Around 20 activists from the University of York took part in a rally outside the University’s library today at 12:30pm, attracting dozens of signatures for a petition calling on York’s Conservative MP Julian Sturdy to condemn the sell-off.

The actions were part of a national Day of Action coordinated by the recently-formed Student Assembly Against Austerity, aimed at stopping the privatisation of student loans which the government has promised to do by 2015.

Josiah Mortimer, the student who organised the protest, told Vision: “Wednesday’s protest marked an important step forward in the campaign to stop the sell-off of the Student Loans Company.”

“The privatisation of the student loans book will be a disastrous move, with private companies raking millions off already-struggling young people.”

“It’s fantastic that York students have taken action to oppose this affront to a whole generation.”

Other actions across the country included students laying under boxes marked ‘debt’ in Manchester, campus occupations at Birmingham and Sheffield, and marches elsewhere.

Students are concerned the sell-off will result in an increase of the interest rate, leading to a future hike in tuition fees.