Student shock as YUSU President spotted on TV… in Azerbaijan

YUSU President Kallum Taylor speaking on YURD TV
(Still from the video)

Kallum Taylor made a surprise appearance on Azerbaijani TV yesterday.

The YUSU president was spotted by eagle-eyed students on the country’s YURD TV broadcasting station at the Alley of Martyrs in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku.

He was laying a flower as part of the International Coalition for Peace and Security network’s remembrance into the Khojaly genocide – which involved the killing of hundreds of ethnic Azerbaijani civilians in 1992.

He told a YURD TV reporter: “It’s quite a complicated area. The network was set up for peace and security, hopefully in the long-term, it can bring together the various groups within this region.”

One student who saw him said: “What the hell is he doing in Azerbaijan? Absolutely no-one seems to be able to tell me why the union president has jetted off halfway across the world only to appear on a news report.”

The student union president is currently away while elections take place to find his successor for the next academic year.

Undergraduates and postgraduates have until midday tomorrow to cast their ballot.

The results will be announced on Friday evening.

YUSU President Kallum Taylor said: “I had intended to take a short break during voting week, and when I was invited to Azerbaijan on those dates, things fell together really well.

“It was a great opportunity to see and learn more about the country and its history, meet some amazing young and inspiring activists from across Europe (and Vietnam too) whilst getting the chance to relax and see some old friends.”



15 thoughts on “Student shock as YUSU President spotted on TV… in Azerbaijan

  1. I can’t wait for this guy to no longer be associated with York University. Only reason I voted in the YUSU elections. Then he can sell-out to Labour.

  2. It is customary in the University not to take one’s holidays during the term time. Also, with some other sabbs taking time off to campaign in the elections, it sounds like the last two weeks was the time when non-campaigning sabbs should have been around to pick up any slack.
    If, on the other hand, YUSU runs well without sabbs here, shouldn’t student population draw some conclusions?

  3. @Dr O
    I did what I could to move things out of the 2 week campaigns period so that I didn’t miss anything important, making the week before (and next week) very busy for me.
    However, I was still doing everything I could to keep the plates spinning while I was out talking to people (by which I mean going to the important University meetings, handling cases etc) so don’t worry, I didn’t just abandon my post!

  4. Personally I would quite like an explanation as to why the chief representative of an organisation supposedly committed to the values of democracy, freedom and equality, is paying a grand visit to a country like Azerbaijan.

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