Student speak about housing devastated by floods


Students affected by the floods have spoken to York Vision about the distress suffered and the damage done to their homes

One of the immediate issues affecting students was not knowing whether the rising water had hit their homes.

University Security services received over 500 worried calls.

They also made an exception to their strict rule of only addressing on campus security issues in light of the floods.

YUSU President Ben Leatham cycled around popular student areas taking photos, with Nouse publishing them on a successful live blog gaining over 50,000 hits, to show students the extent of flooding at their doorstep.

Jide Cliffe, a third year historian, told York Vision how the flooding had affected him: “My friend told me that my house was flooded because I was in London at the time.”

He said the floodwater rose to just under a metre, which caused lots of problems: “I was on the ground floor so pretty much all my possessions were ruined. By the time I came back the water had subsided on the house and the landlord had stripped everything.”

Another third year historian, Kate Yandle told of the stress that the flooding caused during the pressurised exam season: “Given that I’m a final year student with impeding deadlines the stress of not knowing where I would stay was definitely getting to me.”

Kate went on to praise the response of the university: “The university completely alleviated the burden of that by replying within two hours to let me know they had a room for me until my house is habitable again.

“They went above and beyond to check all students were informed and that everyone who needed help, was supported.”

A student volunteering effort was organised through Facebook to offer help with the clean up operation.

Students helped to make packs to distribute to flood victims on New Year’s Eve, and the University Registrar, David Duncan helped to clean up at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

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  1. “University Registrar, David Duncan, visited volunteers helping to clear up at the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall” …. should read “David Duncan helped to clean up at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall”. For one afternoon, at least.

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