Staff member splashes hundreds of pounds of expenses cash on booze

A staff member has blown hundreds of pounds of expenses money on ALCOHOL, a York Vision investigation can reveal.

According to new figures, the official, whose identity is unknown, claimed £345.60 for “beers, wines and spirits”.

Other claims by the individual include more than £3,000 for attending seminars and conferences; more than £2,000 for hospitality and catering; and more than £6,000 for overseas air travel.

In total, the staff member claimed £18,147.88.

A university spokesman said: “Alcohol (usually wine) is served in limited amounts at a wide range of University functions, including at public lectures and at dinners for visiting speakers or benefactors.

“We would not expect members of staff to cover the cost of such events from their own pockets.”

Other figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show one member of staff claimed more than £53,000 in expenses, while another claimed more than £30,000.

A third member of staff claimed more than £18,000 in expenses.

All the claims relate to a range of activities including catering, trips abroad, trips at home and transport from August 2013 to August 2014.

Some of the lesser claims include £50 for potage and £86 for photography.