In brief: Water sports at York

At York there’s a wide array of different water sports available. York’s pedigree in rowing has improved over recent years, whilst they possess active canoeing and sailing societies. Indoors the University have benefited greatly from the construction of the fantastic new facilities on Heslington East.

Let’s start off by taking a look at the sports in the pool, before moving onto the outdoor pursuits.

SWIMMING AND WATER POLO – At York these two sports form one society, which has over 70 members. Hopefully with the new facilities it will extend greatly over the next few years and improve the already high standard. Like all societies at York, it is open to all abilities, as either the casual swimmers or the competitive ones can happily be involved in the club. Training session are run throughout the week, generally held during evenings, and over the past few years the standard has greatly increased with stronger competitors and better coaching.
All of this hard work showed in the pool at the Roses, as York’s swimming team put up a sterling showing. The men agonisingly lost 68-62, whilst the women went one better and comfortably defeated their Red Rose rivals by the same scoreline, allowing them to secure a momentous victory. The water polo through up one of the most exciting events of all at Lancaster, as York’s men supported by a fantastic crowd secured a 8-7 victory, after the women thrashed Lancaster 9-2. Exciting times now lie ahead for swimming and water polo at York, and there’s no better time than now to get involved. More information on uyswc can be found by following this link.

CANOE POLO – Canoe Polo is not a particularly well known sport and many of you will be wondering what it is. Essentially it is water polo but rather than swimming, you play in a canoe. An action packed, high intensity game, canoe polo provides great enjoyment for the participants and the spectators. Played in a swimming pool or outdoors, the construction of new facilities on Heslington East should aid the development of the sport in future years. One of the key moments of the year for the society is at Roses, where they get to test their skills against Lancaster. More information can be found at YUCPC.

OCTOPUSH – Another of the less well known sports, this is a version of underwater hockey. Played on the bottom of the pool with a lead puck, miniature sticks and snorkelling equipment, this is a sport which you may never have the opportunity to play again. Two club sessions are held a week, and the society enters occasional student tournaments. You can find more info on uyoc at their website.

SUB AQUA – Another mystery sport to many, Sub Aqua is more or less scuba diving. UYASC gives students at the university the opportunity of learning to dive in a safe fun environment in the cheapest possible way. Sessions are run in the pool every Thursday evening, providing training and experience for prospective divers. Year by Year the society, which is a branch of the British Sub Aqua club, is expanding in numbers and becoming more successful in providing qualifications.

ROWING – So that completes the indoor sports, but water sports at York don’t end there. Rowing is one of the most prestigious university sports, and over recent times York has established a growing reputation. Rowing is one of the most challenging and time consuming sports, with determination and fitness required, coupled with early morning training sessions. It is also one of the most rewarding though, as results and success come as reward for all the hard work.
Indeed last year was one of York’s best, as the society fared brilliantly in a series of BUCS meetings, whilst repelling the threat of Hull in the Varsity. The Men’s, Women’s and Mixed crews have all had superb moments. More information on uybc can be found on their website, by following this link.

CANOEING AND KAYAKING – York also possesses a thriving canoe club, which offers individuals of all abilities the opportunity to take up canoeing or kayaking. Sessions are run on Friday evenings, and then excursions are regularly held at the weekend to rivers or specific events, which enable paddlers to gain more experience and confidence. The club possesses ties with some of the best coaches in the UK, and travels to Scotland, Wales and even further afield to provide the best canoeing or kayaking experience possible. You can visit yucc for more details on the society.

SAILING – York’s sailing and windsurfing club is another friendly society which welcomes individuals regardless of their ability and experience. Like other sports at York, one of the main focuses is on participation. The club use Beaver sailing club for their training sessions, a 40 minute drive away, which they regularly use on Wednesdays and weekends. More information about both sailing and windsurfing at York can be found at yuswc.

SURF – The final water sport offered at the University is surfing. Many of you may have had a go at this on holiday, but at York you can take this to a new level. This is one for the fun loving, action packed individual. The society caters for those of all abilities, and regularly surfs the East and West coasts, as well as having trips abroad.

So that brings you to the end of the different water sports at York, and I;m sure you’ll agree that there’s plenty on offer. The new facilities are ushering in an exciting period for water sports at the university, and this is the perfect time to get involved, so don’t miss your opportunity. However if water sports aren’t for you, there are plenty of other sporting options at the University.

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  1. Recent Roses scores could have been used here to show that women’s water polo have dominated Lancaster for the past two years. These results came from Roses 2012. Please look at our website us for the most up to date results.

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