SocShock: Socialist Society deratified

socialist fist

A major misunderstanding at YUSU lead to members of the Socialist Society being sent an email informing them that the society had been deratified.

The reason given was that the committee had failed to reply to an e-mail stating that they needed to sort out membership records and fees by the end of term, despite several weeks of term remaining to fulfil this requirement.

However the SocSoc committee took the issue to Kim McGuinness, Head of Opportunities in YUSU, who cleared up that they were not in fact deratified and that the e-mail had been sent prematurely.

Jack Chadwick, Chair of the Socialist Society, told York Vision: “This caused loads of stress for our committee. Our members were also really concerned, we had alumni phoning us to check what was going on.

“The problem hasn’t even been fully sorted yet – the Finance Office are still saying people can refund their membership fee. All in all, a right cock-up.”