Run over on first day: fresher hit by van

Collision 2An unfortunate fresher was involved in a collision with a van on University Road last Saturday.

A police spokesperson said at around 1pm, a young woman was hit while crossing the road opposite Wentworth bus stop.

He added she was later taken to York Hospital, and that her injuries were not believed to be serious.

A police investigation is currently ongoing and the university is providing welfare support.

Eyewitnesses at the scene claim the international student had been looking the wrong way before she crossed the road.

One driver who witnessed the incident said: “She just came straight out from [the pavement] right in front of that van.”

Emergency services were in attendance with police redirecting traffic away from the scene.

One student said: “It is really dangerous on the bend, and especially with all the traffic from the freshers moving in, I’m surprised it wasn’t worse.”

This incident comes barely two weeks after the City of York Council agreed to install extra road safety measures on University Road aimed at bringing the road’s average speed of 22mph down to within the 20mph limit.

The University has agreed to foot the bill for the roadworks, which is expected to reach about £15,000.

The new measures will see the number of speed bumps double and the installation of a trial pedestrian island in between the library bus stops.

A University spokesperson said these speed calming measures were planned to be installed in the near future.

He said: “In the meantime, pedestrians are urged to take great care when crossing the road; motorists should adhere strictly to the 20 mile an hour limit; and cyclists travelling in both directions should use the cycle lane rather than the road.”