ROSES 2014: York netballers succumb to Lancaster defeat

The atmosphere in the sports hall was a great advert for Roses, with supporters of both universities in full voice as they waited for the final game of the Netball with the 1sts playing for the 4 points up for grabs in the Roses score.

This was a very tough ask for the girls form York, who enjoyed a very successful season, winning promotion form League 4B, however Lancaster sit in league 2A, meaning the team in black and gold had their work cut in finding a way to take the four points. York exhibited their attacking pace early on, showing why they’ve been promoted this year, but were unable to get on the score sheet as the reds quickly took a lead of 5-0.

The Lancaster GS and GA were often given easy chances from close range, while York GS Grace Clarke and GA Emma Loft were never able to get a close range shot in and instead were forced into harder shots from further away, with York finishing the 1st quarter trailing 9-3. Lancaster continued to create seemingly unmissable shots though GK Grace Baker continued to be solid in defence when chasing rebounds.

York began to attack better, Clarke and Loft were allowed more time on the ball to try and claw back the deficit but Lancaster held tight throughout the quarter to a 9 point cushion, going into the 3rd quarter winning 16-7. The 3rd quarter began with Lancaster really beginning to pull away, taking a lead of 26-13 as York struggled to create an attack. They managed to get few goals to creep in but could never keep Lancaster out for long, with the noise from the home fans beginning to rise as they sensed indefinite victory.

With too much to pull back, York were playing for pride and formed a few impressive attacks, attacking with their usual flare which they weren’t able to use for most of the game, rarely being allowed any space on the court. The third quarter ended with a large deficit of 36-14. Lancaster continued their immense shooting form in the final quarter, rarely missing any chances to increase an incredible lead. York still attacked though this made them vulnerable on the counter attack which Lancaster superbly capitalised on.

The game ended at 48-21 to Lancaster, with great celebration for the home team and supporters, though there was a lot of support for the visitors too who gave a great effort.

Captain Bronwen Dalley-Smith reflected on the season as a whole as well as the defeat, ‘We’ve had an amazing season, we’ve got a great club, I’m really proud of how we played against a really great team, I’ve really enjoyed being the captain this year’.