ROSES 2014: Hockey Preview

The hockey club have enjoyed a largely successful season, with the men’s 1sts consolidating their position in the league with an improved BUCS campaign and a strong cup run. The men’s 2nds had an excellent season, achieving promotion by winning their league, losing only once. The women’s 1sts have had more of a mixed bag, having to battle to avoid relegation on the final day, but their young side will have learnt from their tough season and will be fired up for Roses.

With a huge raft of fixtures coming up over the weekend in Lancaster, including indoor matches, the team will be tested on all fronts. They will be desperate to match last year’s result, where UYHC lost only once, but ladies’ captain Izi Hutchinson feels confident that the club can achieve this feat. “For UYHC, Roses is everything. For some, it is the most memorable game they will play.

“To represent the House of York in the battle of the roses is not just a historic moment, but also a proud one, and this most certainly will be seen on the indoor court and on the AstroTurf. Tensions and emotions run high from the start of the Ladies 2nd indoor game, to the final whistle of the Men’s 1st outdoor match. Hours of hard work have been spent by the presidents, captains and coaches to make sure we go into our games fighting fit to give Lancaster the shock of a life time. We are aiming for the white rose to whitewash the red across the board in hockey this year.”