Review: Celia

Never did I ever think I would go on a night out during a Scene production weekend. However, upon being asked to review Celia, I couldn’t say no. I have to say I did not regret it.

Celia is a Latin-themed club night, the creator of which is former York student Laura Stratford, who wanted to bring a little Latin flavour to the York club scene. Held at the house music haven that is Mansion, for one night only, the front room I believe is called the Champagne Bar was turned into a room full of tempting tangos, sultry salsas and the odd bit of bump and grinding. For me, personally, it was a welcome change.

Arriving at the venue absurdly early for a night out with a few PantSoc friends in tow, we were ready to get our Latin groove on. Initially,  the atmosphere was slightly lacking due to the fact there was barely any people there because it was only 10:15 when most nights out don’t start for an hour after. However it was still lovely seeing the people who had organised it including Laura Stratford herself who was clearly excited about it.

With the Mansion drinks offers in full flow, after a double vodka and Diet Coke, the whole atmosphere had changed. I was buzzing and ready to shake my hips. The first thing I saw was a couple who obviously loved their ‘Strictly’ and were engaged in an intense Argentine Tango Vincent and Flavia style, opposed to that of my friends who were highly focused on a three-woman tango, much to my amusement.  However, it was easy to see the enjoyment in everyone’s faces, something that sometimes lacks on a normal student night out.

Music wise,  it was very different to a typical student night out. Instead of your Avicii,  there was Brazilian salsa songs sung in Portuguese.  Instead of your Nicki Minaj,  there was intense tango instrumentals. On the odd opportunity when there was asking everyone knew, like Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, everyone got excited, a familiar sight to the regular club goer.

Overall, I would say Celia was a massive success. Sure it may not be as popular as house nights and could also be seen as a bit niche, but I think it would be a great alternative to the mainstream offerings of a normal Mansion night. I believe it would be a great addition to York’s club scene, providing the current lacking of Latin warmth.