Morenike’s Uni-ssentialls: Batteries, Flip-Flops and a Table Lamp

Reni 1Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries

Startling yourself awake, you blearily peer out from beneath your sleep mask to glance at the window. The sun is shining; you can hear fellow students chatting away, ready to start the day. You stretch and yawn languidly as you slide out of bed. You look at your phone. 12:35pm. “That can’t be right…” you think, “I have a 9:15am lecture and I set my extra-loud-ticking bedside alarm.” And sure enough, you did set your alarm. But the batteries died at 7:37am this morning and you didn’t bring more. What about your camera, torch, remote control, sex toys? At 10 batteries for £1 at Poundland, don’t get caught short.


Reni 2Flip Flops

The preferred shoe of choice for beach-wear. So why would you wear them in a shower? Well, if you’re unfortunate enough to be sharing a bathroom with many others, you do not want to know what you’re stepping on let alone, feel it. What about the things you can’t see? Easily transmitted from person to person, fungi that cause athlete’s foot love moist environments, such as showers.


Reni 3




Table Lamp

Most uni bedrooms will have a central ceiling light (mazel tov if you get one with a working lightbulb!) already fitted. Having a bedside table lamp too provides an option for less bright but comfortable lighting. Perfect for doing last-minute late-night revision in bed, a table lamp with an easily-reachable switch is vital for uni.