Queue crushing at end-of-exams Phat Fridays party

Terrified revellers reported severe crushing in the queue for Phat Fridays amid scenes of chaos at the end-of-exams party on 9th June.

Having sold out its allocation of queue jump tickets within half an hour, hundreds of students turned up to the Duchess to find a team of just 4 bouncers who failed to manage a queue that stretched into Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate.

What was intended to be an end of exams celebration quickly turned sour as revellers who had queued for over two hours attempted to scale the barriers as the crushing became intense.

One second-year student , who broke free with a group of friends said: “It was terrifying. I remember my dad warning me about crushing at football matches and at one point it became difficult to breathe as people surged forward.”