Project D tickets sell out in an hour and a half

All 800 Project D tickets sold out  in an hour today after they went on sale at 6pm.

The rebranded ‘Big D’ event was promoted on campus today, partially through a Garden Party which happened earlier this term. The 300 presale tickets sold out by the end of the event.

Basshunter will be headlining the event, which will have stages all over Derwent including a Willow room in the Courtyard, featuring Willow DJs and drinks deals.

Andy Bostock, Derwent Ents Vice Chair, commented; “We are all very chuffed that the hard work paid off. Me Ben and Pat want to publicly thank everyone that has put in so much effort to get to this point! We are going to make sure the 1100 people who bought tickets will have the best night at University we have had so far. Any money which isn’t spent doing that will go to the RAG charities. It’s a fantastic idea to put Derwent college’s end of year event back where it belongs!”

Thomas Fennelly, a Derwent member commented; “I’m gutted that I couldn’t get tickets because the line-up looks right up my street! Instead I am going to go for a quiet drink in Osbaldwick.”

Ben Leatham, Derwent Chair commented: “I came out of an exam at 7.00 and found out we had nearly sold out! This such a testament to all the hard work Andy, Paddy and the rest of the committee have put in. Bring on June 9th!”

Summer Ball tickets are still on sale.

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5 thoughts on “Project D tickets sell out in an hour and a half

  1. To all of those who think I am passed it and havent got any talent think again. Don’t worry if your college loses £20k again yusu will cover them. oh what hard work by the team. andy and co to get such a stunning line up. me and some DJ’s from willow. wow. so proud. much epic. many wow

  2. Itemised dressing down:

    A) The wonderous YUSU Bailout is spoken about in hushed, mythical tones in Derwent. What with it being a myth and all.

    B) Of course Andy & co did no work. And of course your pointing it out isn’t bitterness at getting no votes when you ran for a JCRC position and thus having no experience organising huge events that sell out in an hour.

    C) You are completely talentless. Where spelling, punctuation and grammar in comments is concerned.

    D) Your reference to online memes to make yourself sound “with it” is bad and you should feel bad.

  3. Basshunter, anyone with half an idea about planning an event planning probably won’t run up a 20k debt on a sell out event. And if you care to find out your facts, Derwent covered all costs on the last 2 Big D’s you’re referring to.

  4. I don’t know how long @Basshunter and C have been at York, but trust me, the Derwent bailout did happen.

    …Although YUSU might have put in less than people think. Rob Aitken was seemingly quite generous by the standards of York provosts.

  5. Basshunter and Hacking It – to put some myths to bed:

    1. YUSU allowed Derwent JCRC to carry an overdraft after losses on the last Big D. This was not £20k and was paid off in full by Derwent JCRC from their funds by Christmas last year. This was achieved by running successful and profitable events – Freshers week, Club Ds and Christmas Formal – as well as attracting sponsorship deals. So there has been no bailout from YUSU just an extension of credit for 6 months which was paid off in full.
    2. Derwent College did not bail out Big D. The college did fund Little D, a free event open to all students, like other colleges support free events organised by their JCRCs/CSAs. Some of the equipment for Little D was re-used later the same day at Big D. What the college has done is work with the JCRC to bring down the cost of organising events on campus by buying equipment and training students to operate it. This includes the Derwent PA system and a lighting rig we are about to buy and will use at Project D.
    The Derwent JCRC has worked extremely hard to pay off the debts from Big D last year and make Project D a success this year. They should be proud of their achievements.

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