Preview: Three years of Animaux with Viers

giphySometimes it was an unforeseen mad one on a Tuesday night, other times relaxed espresso martinis on a Saturday evening. Hell, they even took it to Liverpool! Animaux has come to us in many forms over the years and they have all been exceptionally pleasant, if getting home at 5am sore and unable to sleep because you are still in a party mood can ever be described as ‘pleasant.’

Now celebrating its third birthday, Animaux is coming back to Mansion this Friday. "Who have they booked this time? What distant country is he coming from?" you must be wondering. The answer is Viers, part of the cream of the crop from not-so-distant Leeds, with Animaux promising us “deep techno rollers, underground house, disco and funk.” He has released albums under both Naked Naked and Church Records, and has most recently launched his own label, Hokaiddo Dance Club.




Under his own label he has released bangers such as this one,

And with beats such as this, expectations for Animaux should be high. He picks and chooses among a huge variety of sounds, to create techno beats like you’ve never heard before. Applying this technique to his DJ sets as well means that Viers is a renowned DJ alongside being a fantastic producer. Many of his sets are on Leeds’s KMAH radio, but he has mixed for Rinse FM among others.

He will of course be supported by Animaux’s guardians Endeser, Sloemoe and Kaelo, who I’m sure have their tracks ready to bring the house down. So, come down to Mansion in a week’s time if term’s getting a bit too much for you, which I know it is…