Preview: Celia

On Monday, the famed Mansion will shed its post-weekend, arguably lifeless skin and transform itself into a Mambo City of Latin American spectacle as new Latino event Celia comes to town. Unlike any other Latin Club night however, Celia does not stress pre-prepared salsa choreography but keeps the night casual and welcomes all backgrounds and interests. It really is, as the mantra states, “So much more than your average salsa night”.

So, what are you to expect from this pleasant Cuban bombshell falling from the skies above York at a terminal velocity of around chachacha m/s? Well, so much more than drunkenly shuffling to Cuban tracks on repeat. Celia (aply named after Celia Cruz, the undisputed ‘Queen of Salsa’ in the Cuban world) promises a combination of trad Latin music and modern beats that appear everyday in the charts, from J Lo to Pitbull.

The brainchild of ex-York student Laura Stratford, it promises an authentic Cuban-themed night, untarnished by a commercial view of Cuban custom and perfectly relaxed in its vibrant atmosphere.

It’s dancing without inhibitions, it’s enjoying the ambiance and it’s really ‘letting loose’. You’d be a fool to miss it!

Mansion, Oct 20th
10pm – late
£4ADV, £5OTD