Preview: Aesthetica Short Film Festival


Amid the foggy doom and gloom November seems to have brought upon us, there are still a few reasons to leave the comfort of your house this coming weekend.

The BAFTA accredited Aesthetica Short Film Festival, otherwise known as ASFF, is coming to York and bringing with it a wide variety of independent short films from around the world, networking events and masterclasses. The festival will take place from the 5th to the 8th of November in different venues around the city such as the Grand Opera House, King’s Manor and the Yorkshire Museum to name a few.

Although there are eleven genres to choose from and 300 screenings you can attend, it is worth mentioning a couple to look out for. If you enjoy highly stylized films in which movement and physicality are central to the development of the story, I recommend paying extra attention to ‘Washed’ (found under ‘Artist’s Film’), by Iranian director Daphna Mero, which follows a female laundry worker as she attempts to deal with abortion as a result of a violent encounter. The repressed memories she has of the event torment her subconscious and are portrayed through immaculate symmetry and calculated choreography.

If you’re seeking something more light-hearted but with an experimental twist, look out for ‘Dark_Net’, a comedy directed by Tom Marshall and starring Johnny Vegas. The main character, played by Vegas, hires an assassin from the darkest depths of the internet to get revenge on Barry, the man who slept with his now ex-girlfriend.

This year, ASFF are not only adding ‘Dance’ as a new genre in their collection, but they are also highlighting short films from guest countries such as Cuba, Brazil and China, all of which will be shown throughout the weekend. This is an exciting time for the directors involved and film enthusiasts alike. It constitutes the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of contemporary cinema and explore the ways it raises awareness of other cultures.

Tickets start at £30 for the entire weekend and are available at their website.

Look out for our coverage over the weekend!