Plans to overhaul college rugby

College rugby is set to have its best ever year this year, after a series of changes made by the Sport Union have moved the fixtures off 22 acres, moving it over to the York Rugby Club in Acomb.

This is in response to the lengthy delays to fixtures before and after the Christmas break, with flooded and frozen pitches cancelling matches.

College Sport Officer Dave Washington told Vision that College Rugby players will be happy with the University’s efforts in making the league more attractive for players: “In addition, they’ll have a clubhouse and match teas, so it will just give a more professional vibe to college rugby, which in terms of standards is, along with college football, one of the highest of the college sports.

“The captains have been very enthusiastic about the move and we’re hoping it will help to provide a boost to college rugby which last year struggled in terms of participation.”

Washington has created a new super team for the Heslington East Colleges, known as ‘Goodwith’, although now with the inclusion of Constantine College (perhaps a new name is in order).

This move is in response to the poor turnouts from these teams, but there is hope that perhaps in the future there will be two teams put out.

With these changes Washington is hopeful that College Rugby will see a resurgence .

“If we can have six college rugby teams playing high standard rugby week in week out at an excellent venue then it will be a big improvement on what we currently have.”

As well as this, before this season’s Rugby kicks-off, there will be a College Barbarians side facing a combined University 2s/3s on the 8th October, and the College Varsity will be resuming in the Spring term.

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  1. Didn’t we used to play at the ground in Acomb. College sport finally admitting the move to campus two years ago was shockingly thought out and under resourced?

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